the chord that struck


the chord that struck: kylie saturdays

Je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais j’aime cette chanson



I just love that last one, the lyrics, the mood, the scenario lends itself to so much storytelling. I can’t even count how many interpretations of this song i have, why he killed her, if he even killed her?

It just hit me after i wrote  this  the song’s similitude to the story of  Hamlet’s Ophelia, but it really is a neat interpretation of the legend of Elisa Day(the wild rose)

Do Relish.

beat it

Honestly no one can beat Michael but this guy puts up a funky strong fight, his sound is so refreshingly turnaround and different on this classic.

Do relish.



the chord that struck

we were soldiers in the same war,
just two passing ships wrecked on the same shore,
there’s a pain in my chest,
it must be felt,
i’m not one to lose my ground,
or deny myself,
but you’re so busy being you that you can’t see,
just how rare and lovely you are,
when you are next to me.
Meghan Tonjes

the chord that struck

“we’re leaving together but still its farewell,
its the final countdown.”
Europa-Final countdown.

this line was so powerful for me it reminded me to cherish my loved ones as every moment with them is just the present value of some certain future goodbye and i do not want to miss a thing.(Aerosmith)

the chord that struck

And I will hold you tight
like the moon in the arms of the sky
And I will keep you warm
I will build a fire in this house
And I’ll build a fire
You fetch the water
And I’ll lay the table
And in our hearts we still pray for
Sons and daughters
And all of those evenings
down in the garden
red,red wine
those quiet hours turn into years
Allman Brown (with Liz Lawrence)-Sons and daughters

A perfect portrait of married life .