Quieten your fire now,

Turn it into a spring,

Let it spring forth,

like the sea’s wroth,

Let it leap,

like a man to his death,

fire turned wave,

deliciously desperate,

desperately insane.

Incendiary shards of pain,

woven into a delicate mirror,

to cut and slice,

with thine reflection.




Christianity is an absolute paradox; an absurd religion because no man, trusting reason alone, could understand that God became man and was executed as one of the poorest men; but exactly because it is absurd it is the best religion, for we must exercise all our powers of conviction to be able to embrace this faith.


God alone is ‘absolute subjectivity.’

for Him outside and inside are one,  and what appears objective and foreign to us, is known to Him fully from within.

Kierkegaard & Roubizcek

In the hope of finding absolute certainty one has to be prepared to endure a state of mind  where all certainty has gone.