the chord that struck

Do enjoy the great music of Martin Luke Brown.


truth aspirin

People are the worst kind of projects not because they break you but rather because they make you.

the chord that struck: kylie saturdays

Je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais j’aime cette chanson



I just love that last one, the lyrics, the mood, the scenario lends itself to so much storytelling. I can’t even count how many interpretations of this song i have, why he killed her, if he even killed her?

It just hit me after i wrote  this  the song’s similitude to the story of  Hamlet’s Ophelia, but it really is a neat interpretation of the legend of Elisa Day(the wild rose)

Do Relish.

you take my breath away

I wish it was September because that was his birthday, by him i mean Freddie Mercury, 25 years after his tragic demise.He really was the stuff of legend, legendary in his performances, legendary personal life and most of all a legendary death.

I of course had the misfortune of being birthed after his death and even i know of his greatness, his lyrics and music though ridiculously complex and befuddling many at times have a piercing power that i have yet to encounter again.

His style is definitely an acquired taste but once acquired quickly turns into an incorrigible addiction, he even made an appearance in Kurt Cobain’s suicide note.

I certainly wish him all the nirvana he gave all of us wherever he may be, he certainly took my breath away.

Do enjoy!