His face

An elusive clarity,

Sired in the cloak of darkness,

Crowned in the misty spires of shadows,

Eerie and leering, he looks on.

But I have seen the truth of him,

The truth of his lies.

I have glanced his face,

Abounded with ugliness,

He bears the ugliness of a thousand men,

Uglier still with every gesture.

Dreary eyes,

Deadened and reddened,

Drooping from his billowy parchment skin,

He has no bones,

I see his saggy sallow cheeks,

A putrid slit for a mouth,

Eternally spinning the lore of woe,

Holes for ears and a nose,

I wonder if he breathes at all.

Jagged teeth,

Rusted and wrought.

I have seen his face,

Perched atop men’s breasts and women’s skulls,

Like the vulture he is.

I know the truth of this creature,

Though his might may never cease,

I have glanced his face from the rear,

The face of fear.


truth aspirin

The problem is entirely unconcerned with science per se rather it is inhabited in its master, the scientist.

Try as we may it will always remain the unfortunate case of a pure object in the hands of an impure subject.


Yes, there is a march of Science, but who shall beat the drums of its retreat?

CHARLES LAMB, shortly before his death (1834)

corpore terrae

The rush of the river, ever so furious,
A fervent pulse in its waves.

Lungs of the winds contracting,
I’m awash with the rarefied breath of the mountain.

The epidermis of the earth, caressing my soles,
Soiled skin ever so supple and fertile.

Spiking fever of the atmosphere,
Temperamental temperature of the skies.

Ineffable elliptical wonders,
Of the earthly body.

never silence the aberrant and whimsical questions in your mind for only through them have we been delivered from ignorance. Curiosity is the messiah for all new knowledge and because all knowledge was new at one point it is therefore the only tool we have to delve and divulge truths from all physis