just the taste

an acquired taste, some may say,
a rare delicacy it is.
Its marks indelible on my inner palate,
Though i fear i my never have tasted it at all.

Of it i hold faint memory,
like a mist atop a hill
Higher still and fading with every grasp.

It had the scent of an unknown wine,
brewed in men’s hearts.
At times with the tangy prick of sacrifice
& a sweetness of simplicity.

Intense it becomes,
In the presence of love,
& the simple majesties of mine,
dark legs, bumpy skin,crooked teeth, memories
I felt it then.

The memories have brought it back,
In the buds of my tongue it has sprung.
An unlikely taste indeed,
Always happening upon me,
Never when i’m in pursuit.

This taste is like nothing I’ve ever had,
yet it has the familiarity of everything I’ve always wanted.
Nonplussed at its mysticism, I fear
It will vanish,
I hope it does not.

I shall interrupt this dialogue of old,
reveal treasures unseen,
In thine chest,
unleash wonders,
debunk all these blunders,
Within my monologue,
Uncover enlightenment,
In places oft ignored,
With the tenor of my voice,
For I am the one they call Gold,
Bolder than the blond,
They killed me before I spake,
The past before last,
Now I return,
They shall hear,
You shall all hear,
And if I must,
I shall tear thine oratorial orifice,
for he who hears but listens not

for the rice that never was…

When i met you,
I didn’t recognize you from the future,
Had seen you only once before,
my wonderful jamais-vu.

Forget procedure, recapture your destiny,
Unshackle from present engagements,
Useless errands,
Follow me down the rabbit hole,
You said.

Right you were,
Take the tender apologies i offer,
I knew not of what you meant,
Mine shall be an unimaginable punishment,
To immortally be imprisoned in ignorance of the facts,
Forever mourning you, unknowingly so.



I am ready,
at long last,
to stand before you,
to reveal my skin,
to truly engage in the work of intimacy,
that you may unleash your gaze,
strip search me with your judgement,
Now i hand you these keys,
to my hidden self,
beware the dungeons & castles they belong to,
Do with them what you may,
for now and for always,
in sickness and in health,
till death do us part,
my dearest.

a word from the dust

Dust to dust,
from me you shall rise,
from me you shall fall,
your existence is but a field of my particles,
blown into a fierce storm.
Continue to blow,
Do not fear your own breath,
it is mightier than you know.

Dust to dust,
from me you shall rise,
from me you shall fall,
forget not that i am the guardian of time,
In my grasp, the glass of your hours,
Do not just glance at that restrained wrist,
Ensure to waste my sand you resist,
For in the next instance,
I may yet steal it, that it may disappear like mist.

I am forever with you,
but the day shall indeed come,
whence i shall again claim you for myself,
ordain you back to the earth,
dust to dust,
ashes to ashes.


So infinite, so definite, it feels
This rut, this hole, so dark indeed
Thought I could fight this war
But don’t know how to try anymore
Can someone hear me?
Can someone save me?
Please help me
Save me quick
Trying to hold my breathe
Trying not to bleed
Trying to find my way
Trying not to stray
Make her go away
Stop her from coming my way
Please help me
Save me quick
Feeling so weak
Terribly in need
I feel the strain on my neck
I’m getting closer to death
The pain so chilling
How gruesome it is
Please help me
Save me quick
In her darkness I once thrived
Now I just hope to survive
I hear her mimic me
Craving for the blood in me
Is this the end I meet?
Or is it the fate I need?
Please help me
Save me quick
How familiar she seems
Too familiar indeed
I might kill myself at will
So we can both die with nil
Please help me
Save me quick
Because that monster is me.

By a dear friend of mine, Janet Kavili, who is both new and old to the wonderful world of poetry

dotted demise

If i must die,

slaughter with sweetened prose,

bury me alive, in harmonic soils,

butcher me with metre,

let consonance,

smooth the discordance ,

annihilate with atomic words,

hang me with Langston,

for we shall gyrate to the gallows,

if our dangle,

shall rhyme with a peaceful poem.