It only ever precipitates,
Never to dissolve,
Even after I have mixed it with my blood,
Inhaled it,
It refuses to dissolve,
this existence of mine,
Continually drowning me instead.
I can’t wait till the fluid fills my lungs.

unsightly plightings

Abyss, abyss, abyss,
Swallow me not today,
Unsink me into thine darkness.

Comatose, comatose, comatose,
Drowse me not into your slumber,
Unlink me from thine sleepwalking spell.

scold me not with your vile bile,
unchain me from thine sulphuric harangue.

Dearest blackness,
unfill this madness,vacuum the sadness.

truth aspirin

The problem is entirely unconcerned with science per se rather it is inhabited in its master, the scientist.

Try as we may it will always remain the unfortunate case of a pure object in the hands of an impure subject.


the chord that struck

this is definitely why i seek out Somi, the intoxicating lyrics,the caramel coated sound and jazzy feel. Very reminiscent of New Orleans black musicians of the olden days.A punishing tale to tell or hear.Very good art.


“kill a demon today,face the devil tomorrow

and even as you dance on that demon’s sepulcher,

toasting to a victorious battle,

you can’t help but wonder,

are you really prepared for the war tomorrow?

The originals, season 2,episode 17

in the dark

farther still from the playful crayon of daylight
clothes of morality turned inside out
insanity is the law
on the precedent of madness
never was a time such as then
when blindness was the gift
and vision was the curse
for many do not survive the horrible sights
spectres and skeletons troll
to extinguish all the hopes of the light
the beauty of what is right
is a distant memory
just for those four hours of night