the cracked road


Ev’r seen a shattered road,

that knew no footsteps,

no train tracks,

and with all that tarmac,

all that murram,

it never knew the single touch of a wheel,

no skid marks,

not even those ugly oil spills,

oh how it begged for just a toe print,

until it turned on itself,

from the inside out,

shamefully exfoliated itself,

from the skin of the earth,

irking all of the lands,

the stones and sands alike,

oh all to the destinations it did not guide,

all the pedestrians it did not tread,

all the still born development that never made it full term,

this is the road not taken,


it goes nowhere,

walk not with it.


truth aspirin

the idealized future is a still born baby

children were warned not to whistle at night for fear of evil spirits. Dangerous animals became far more sinister and uncanny in the dark.A snake would never be called by its name at night.It was called a string.

Things Fall Apart

Chinua Achebe

truth apirin

Rejoice at the wretched imperfection of thy self, it is the only original sin that grants you your own potent capacity for transcendence. Only beings inept of grandiose perfection can transcend their inherent pauperism and claim the throne.

music is the soul of the African struggle, 

that which sharpens the blade before battle,

the subtle ode that saddles our dead into the ground.