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when a thing has more perfection so much greater is its pain or pleasure.

Dante Alighieri


Two things fill my mind, with ever new and increasing admiration and awe, the oftener and more steadily we reflect on them: the starry heavens above and the moral law within. I have not searched for them and conjecture them as though they were veiled in darkness or were in the transcendental region beyond my horizon; see them before me and connect them directly with the consciousness of my existence.The former begins from the¬†place which I occupy in the external world of sense, and enlarges my connexion therein to an unbounded extent with worlds upon worlds and systems, and moreover into limitless times of the periodic motion, its beginning and continuance. The second begins from my invisible self, my personality, and exhibits me in a world which has true infinity , but which is traceable only by the understanding…The former view of a countless multitude of worlds annihilates as it were my importance as an animal creature, which after it has been for a short time provided with vital power, one knows not how, must again give back the matter of which it was formed to the planet it inhabits( a mere speck in the universe).The second on the contrary infinitely elevates my worth as an intelligence by any personality, in which the moral law reveals to me a life independent¬† of animality and even of the whole sensible world.

Immanuel Kant

Irrational: ‘unreasonable, illogical, absurd’; something that defies the intellect, which cannot be grasped by reason in a truly satisfactory way equated with senselessness.

But it can have another meaning, namely ‘supra-rational’something which remains an insoluble problem, a mystery, but which nevertheless indicated a hidden, higher meaning, transcending reason.

When the man, illuminated and exhausted falls back into the cares of earthly affairs, and with knowledge in his heart thinks of the two situations , is he not bound to find that his being is split asunder and one part given to perdition?What does it help my soul that it can be withdrawn anew from this world here into unity, when this world itself has of necessity no part in the unity-what does all “enjoyment of God” profit a life that is rent in two?

If that abundantly rich heavenly moment has nothing to do with my earthly moment-what does it then have to do with me, who have still to live, in all seriousness still to live, on earth?

Thus are the masters to be understood, who have renounced the raptures of ecstatic “union.”The transcendental can only be valid if it proves to be the basis of our life here and now, for we know it only in and through our existence.

Martin Buber


If individualism grasps only part of man, collectivism sees man only as a part; both miss the whole man, in his wholeness. Individualism  perceives man only in his relationship with himself while collectivism does not see man at all, but only society. The former distorts the face of man, the latter covers and hides it.

The answer is the We-a community of a definite number of independent persons who know selfhood and responsibility.


Just as the melody is not made up of notes nor the verse of the words nor the states of lines…so with the man to whom I say Thou. I can take out from him the color of his hair, or of his speech, or of his goodness. I must continually do this but not at first. And with each time I do it he ceases to be thou.

To experience thou means to have immediate knowledge of the whole man.

Martin Buber

To see freedom as unlimited and thus undefined makes it meaningless.

Freedom exists for us in two forms, which we would call paradoxically ‘ freedom of choice‘ and ‘choice of freedom‘.If we are indeed free we must be free to choose but we can make either a choice which really sets us free or a wrong choice which enslaves us again.

Paul Roubiczek