forget not…

Forget not the pain you afflict,
The arrows you sink into my skin,
For as long you breathe,
This roulette gun of life,
is but a boomerang in guise,
Can dredge up the deepest buried bullet,
And ricochet it to the oddest of targets.
Run as you may,
To your clandestine alcove,
The toll of past mistakes,
Must be paid in full,
This is the cardinal rule,
Of this circular existence,
Forget it not.

mettle my son is the requirement,
settle your hands,calm your shivers,
nettle’s sting is yet to come,repress those quivers,
subtle is this art,a portrait of pain
tattle for the rest,
battle for our nest,
little is the recompense for your sacrifice,
startle no more,for now we must take our post as
cattle being glibly led to our scheduled demise