As long as eternal thinking alone is employed, transcendental reality, too, remains inaccessible for the question ‘why?’¬†can never be answered in any fundamental context. Why is there murder? why are there revolutions or constant sources of wrath, why does man exist?We do not know nor do we know why there is matter, the stars, the earth, nor- and this is perhaps more important-why we are born and must die, can die at any minute and must certainly die sooner or later.Why are we here, all of us condemned to death?

Yet obviously, all these questions when they haunt us as personal experiences, point towards some wider spiritual reality. We may never be able to answer them, but we want, at least, to find an answer to the  desire for meaning.We may believe that everything is meaningless-nevertheless the quest for meaning remains an essential part of our apparently meaningless life.

Paul Roubiczek