Waiting for others to begin is paralyzing; it is only by trying to do something that our potentialities are developed.

In the attempt we ourselves become real.

Paul Roubiczek


In all eternity it is impossible for me to compel a person to accept an opinion, a conviction, a belief. But one thing I can do: I can compel them to take notice.


It is impossible to force faith upon another, we cannot even force it upon ourselves however passionately we may long for it; ┬ábut we can take the risk of the leap, we are not, however our situation, completely powerless….

Despite the wild improbability that, viewed on the cosmic scale, each infinitesimally small individual matters, man can experience an absoluteness which relates him to the absoluteness of God.

Paul Roubiczek

if you are a quote lover take 2


If you haven’t any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble

Bob Hope.

Continuing  the quote challenge today i celebrate the entertainer extraordinaire Bob Hope with one of the most successful careers in the entertainment industry spanning over 80 years and his prescription on the necessity of being charitable and a general overabundance of love for humanity.

Lack of charity is not only a subtraction of a necessary human aspect but also a source of misfortune for the soul of he who carries with him all that hatred and malice.

Have a great day and take care of yourselves and each other.