sunshine blogger award

I would like to thank Visionarie kindness(wonderful poetess, check her out!) for the lovely nomination, thank you oh so much.This absolutely means the world to me.

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1.What is your Favorite Food?

rice, chicken stew and chapati.

2.What is your definition of success?

unlocking yourself and finding out your purpose in this world.

3.What do you like most about yourself?

my curiosity

4.What makes you happy?

peace, beauty and truth.

5.Has any book changed your life?

the river and the source-Margaret Ogola

6.If you could be any age, how old would you be?

any age under 5, lying is hard to come by at that age.


Kunal Thakore-random rants ruminations ramblings

Aplis,the poet!!!-Scribbles and Rambles



lines with signs

my questions…

  1. what’s the most important thing in your life?
  2. why?
  3. any unfulfilled dreams?
  4. which ones?
  5. what kind of person would you say you are?
  6. what kind do you aspire to be?
  7. why?

Thank you for reading …..that’s a wrap!

Liebster Award


If only i could enumerate the thanks i have to Gigigeorgina for nominating me for the Liebster award last April.And also i offer apologies in spades for not having responded much earlier.

This being my first ever blog award ,I am very humbled by the gesture and to all who read and get inspired or invigorated by my musings thank you all so much for the support and the comments especially.I most certainly do not take your kindness for granted.


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1. If you are planning to travel on a desert island and you have bring three things, which ones will you choose and why?

My sister because I can have fun with her anywhere even in a desert island,sandals because I’d hate sand stuck between my toes and a machete because of survivor(the series)  mostly to get wild fruits and bananas for food because I can’t catch fish to save my life.

2.Who is your favourite singer/band and why?

Hard to say but for the moment it is the Canadian band Magic because their take on reggae is very unique to me and their album ‘don’t kill the magic’ was simply put magical.And of course The script ,Fink,James Blunt  whose music i’ll always love.

3.If you were writing a story and it was being turned into a film, which actor would you like to play your main character?

Actually I am writing a book and I don’t envision any particular  renown actor(ress) for the main character in the book if it was ever to turn into a film, because it would become a mania about the actor and not the story itself which is not what I want.It would take away from the story itself.

4.What is your favourite film?

Hard to stay but of late my favorites are Chakde, the 100-foot journey,

Life of Pi, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Book thief, A Beautiful Mind and The Descendants.

5.If you had an opportunity to travel around the world, which country would you visit first and why?

India as cliché as that sounds that place is truly magical whether it’s their dressing, religion, food, movie industry or culture. It’s at the top of my bucket list.

 6.What is your favourite thing to do/see during summer?

I actually live in an Equatorial country so there is no winter and summer per se but in the hot season I love swimming, letting my hair down literally as in not braiding it as the moisture that shrinks my African hair isn’t in abundance in the atmosphere and the fact that I do not have to carry an umbrella around because acid rain is a really big issue in Nairobi.

7.Who is favourite historical King or Queen?

I am quite liberal and i only believe in democracy as a somewhat okay form of government and so I am not a fan of the aristocracy in any practical way, except the literature like Shakespearean books and historical stories.

8.Quick question: pizza or chips?

Pizza, there’s so much more variety in that.

9.Who is your favourite film character and why?

Hard to say because I have so many favorites but most of the characters in Selma, the movie,  because they all really did a great job at re-enacting the passionate civil rights movement not that I was there but they definitely quenched my expectations of it.Oh! and Dicaprio in Gatsby and Shailene Woodley and George Clooney in The Descendants.

10.Have you read a famous quote that changed your life?

Gandhi’s quote that “be the change you want to see in the world.” Very simple and cliché but it has transformed my life and how I look at it entirely.

Also the last words of Socrates before he drunk the hemlock where he sees the triumph of his life’s work even in the face of death and asks Crito to kill a cock in celebration, it truly taught me that the truth cannot be killed by killing the man that professes it and that really does help me sleep at night.

Some facts about myself

  • I am one of the most boring people in the world and I refrain from writing about my actual life, I almost always write about my thoughts ideas and aspirations as opposed to my realities not because of self-loathing I’m just uneventful and mundane.
  • I am the slowest reader I have ever met.
  • Despite being a mathematician by trade in a way because my field requires a lot of mathematical axioms and the fact that I love math I actually hate numbers especially in tests because I am so slow at punching numbers into a calculator, I prefer algebra.
  • I’d rather kill myself than live in a world without books.
  • I’m an avid poet, writer and novelist almost as much as I am a reader.
  • I love medicine even though I didn’t get the opportunity to study it, I try to read up on medical literature and one day I hope to be a self-taught medic.
  • I love any kind of universal knowledge for example mathematics, physics, literature, astronomy, physics and philosophy.
  • I’m extremely opinionated and intense.
  • I love Country music
  • I am an environmentalist and i take that role very seriously
  • the pawn is my favorite chess piece.

And my nominees because i really do love their sites and are on my ‘the ones to watch list’ are:

  2. Lavendius
  4. miss obsessive anatomy
  5. depths

And my questions for them are:

  • If you were to die right now and could only keep memories of one thing, person or experience what would it be? And why?
  • Knowing all that you know now where would you be(in your life) at the same age you are now if you were given a second chance at life from birth?
  • What’s your cause and why?
  • If you weren’t what you are, what and who would you rather be?and why?
  • If you could pick a talent what would it be and why?
  • What prominent person has disappointed you in their conduct and why?
  • If you were the aforementioned person what would you do differently?
  • What’s your favorite place to be? and why?
  • What’s the worst experience  that you don’t regret going through ?And why?
  • what’s the best book you’ve ever read and why?
  • which era’s music do you absolutely love and why?

Thank you all again and have a nice day! 🙂