When the man, illuminated and exhausted falls back into the cares of earthly affairs, and with knowledge in his heart thinks of the two situations , is he not bound to find that his being is split asunder and one part given to perdition?What does it help my soul that it can be withdrawn anew from this world here into unity, when this world itself has of necessity no part in the unity-what does all “enjoyment of God” profit a life that is rent in two?

If that abundantly rich heavenly moment has nothing to do with my earthly moment-what does it then have to do with me, who have still to live, in all seriousness still to live, on earth?

Thus are the masters to be understood, who have renounced the raptures of ecstatic “union.”The transcendental can only be valid if it proves to be the basis of our life here and now, for we know it only in and through our existence.

Martin Buber



be sure to purge (thoughts,ideas,complaints) if at all you feel the nudge

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