The results of the objective method can be tested, proved and once they are proven, satisfactorily communicated to others, because they can be accepted without further inquiry. Yet they are never final. Although the facts do not change, their interpretation,as the development of science shows, does, and the discovery of new facts incessantly leads to alterations or to complete replacement of scientific theories. Reliability is great, thus making the technical application of science possible; but it must never be taken for absolute certainty, for this would hinder further developments.

The subjective method remains dependent on constantly renewed experiences ; its results cannot be accepted once and for all, because they always have to be translated into our own experience. As personal participation is required, an area of uncertainty must be left open, as we have seen, so as to allow for personal decisions. Thus the application of this method is constantly beset by difficulties and dangers; none of its results can be taken for granted. Yet once certainty is achieved, it is absolute.



be sure to purge (thoughts,ideas,complaints) if at all you feel the nudge

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