The danger of ethics, of mere morality, is the following of rules for the sake of following rules.If this is done the purely negative commandments-for instance  ‘thou shalt not kill’ become more prominent than the positive ones, such as ‘Thou shalt love’ for we can state unequivocally the actions which are against the law, while the positive commandments cannot be stated in such a definitive way because they must leave room for personal decisions. Such morality, however, becomes a dead collection of prohibitions. If it is to come to life, morality needs the fullness of the transcendental world from which it originates.

On the other hand, the danger of religion is that it turns into metaphysical contemplation, with strong human fancies or abstract theological speculation playing a large part, and thus loses its connexion with man’s life. Morality and religion, to remain pure and alive, depend on each other…..’If religion, without morality, lacks a solid earth to walk on, morality ,without religion lacks a wide heaven to breathe in.’

Paul Roubiczek



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