Abyss, abyss, abyss,
Swallow me not today,
Unsink me into thine darkness.

Comatose, comatose, comatose,
Drowse me not into your slumber,
Unlink me from thine sleepwalking spell.

scold me not with your vile bile,
unchain me from thine sulphuric harangue.

Dearest blackness,
unfill this madness,vacuum the sadness.

5 thoughts on “unsightly plightings

    1. Actually it was not inspired by anything personal , it came to me after reading about Reetika Vazirani’s sad story, amazing poet and that was after i had just discovered her wonderful poetry.
      For the full story visit https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/magazine/the-failing-light-why-did-a-rising-young-poet-plunge-into-despair-taking-her-own-life-and-the-life-of-her-2-year-old-son/2015/01/15/2575a388-9d1f-11e4-96cc-e858eba91ced_story.html

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