love at first sight….unconditional love huh….

Recently  I was  bombarded with the most ridiculous irony of all ……to acquire the unconditional love we all seek you must live the precept of ‘love at first sight,’ and with all the bad wrap love at first sight has gotten over the years it seemed ludicrous but so did the jester in every medieval tale i have come across, the roaring laughter didn’t ever graze the eternal truths, passive truth is not truth.

But really if we are to truly define ‘unconditional love’ you will realize that all the rational assertions of how to achieve love such as getting to know each other, fulfilling a requisite term of interaction before accessing the love are all  conditions and thus fall short of being deemed unconditional. Whether it’s the necessity of a period of time to have passed, or an amount of information you must know before you proceed on, however you slice it if you follow the tenets of building a foundation for love’s survival you are logically tending to be farther off from the prize . Not to transport anyone to my personal hell, a fairy tale, but even I can agree that to love truly unconditionally and to use the actuarial jargon from a past life ,the love mustn’t even be a function of markovian property but rather it must be completely memoryless devoid of any kind of reason, it must have as its fulcrum irrationality. Ergo, ‘love at first sight’ which was the only concept that I can conjure up from memory that could possibly fulfill this most peculiar pre-requisite.

And thus the empirical question that I most certainly expect, where does such a love so alternative to our nature of selfishness and requirement of reason exist?

And though I never claim empiricism because I personally believe eyes are folly and subject to bias I yet have an example to table .An example so common I hope each one should be able to relate to it on some level.

A mother’s love, is the quintessential incidence of ‘love at first sight’ especially if ever you have witnessed the miracle of birth. It is always quite remarkable and shocking just how many times it happens when on the eve of a woman’s body having been wrecked and in many ways destroyed she instantaneously bears the purest form of love for the very creature that did all the damage.

And most can concur that for sure our mothers are the source of the eternal spring of love. For sure many others, scientists and skeptics alike have all tried to explain away the phenomenon with a series of documentation about hormones or whatever else there is but this example has definitely stood the test of time as it is not a momentary affair but rather a lifelong sensation.

Question is, can such be replicated in other avenues for love in life?

Its’ no secret that romantic love being the most popularized  yet fractal idea of love could  certainly benefit a whole lot from the application of the aforementioned, possibly without the hilarity of meeting someone and instantly commencing the journey of a lifetime.

Maybe unconditional love is merely the unreachable goal of romantic love whilst being the norm of filial love, but who’s to say after all stranger things have happened.

And then again the great big paradox also makes an appearance because some may claim that following the earlier rational approach seems to at later stages induce that very same ‘unconditional love’,the more you know and invest in someone the more unconditional the love gets because the referral memories slowly seep into your body and eventually become an instinct to you, to just love the other, unconditionally.

Obviously filial love and romantic love are different entities but love is love, and how two separate and opposed approaches can lead to the same summit that i will never know, it as though when pulling at a cloth from opposite ends you will realize in the end that you have managed to purl even more of the material onto the cloth with your destructive efforts.

Maybe the reasoning love follows is much greater than my own because as with any conversation on the matter you always end up questioning the significance on the conversation to begin with.


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