I’m Golden

They say that silence is golden but she knows it can be blue


Words by one of my favorite songstresses,Somi, and I use that particular term deliberately because I feel like she’s music’s mistress.

I have always wondered why the saying is as is and I am yet to understand why the precious metal was symbolic of silence.

I found out a bit about gold and the other things it’s symbolized many at times items of such gravitas. Right from the start the stuff of the golden ratio, which has been obsessed by all manner of persons from the likes of Euclid, Pythagoras, artists, physicists, musicians and architects alike have all devoted a significant time to study of this simply put not so simple ratio whose occurrence is become very much like a game with a magician because though many have tried to ascribe this simple measurement to their work it still appears many at times without provocation, a kind of game within the game.

The golden rose , the golden rule  and the golden law all with their strong connotation for altruism, the golden rule having been uncovered in countless religious texts explicitly or implicitly with the most popular version being the Christian ‘treat others as you would like to be treated’ then comes lei aurea (the golden law) that was set up by Brazilian princess Isabel when holding down the throne for her father (Pedro II)who was away in Europe stating that all children of slaves were born free, a great big leap in the Abolitionist movement at the time, despite the fact that Brazil was still one of the last countries to formally abolish slavery.

Incidentally while on the very same topic, said princess also received the golden rose that is an accolade awarded by the pope to either the military or royalty and many other kinds of personage generally for demonstrating a higher level of humanism, she received it in 1888 from Pope Leo XIII.

Even the alchemists of the dark ages valued gold so much that they scurried around trying fruitlessly to find a way in which every other metal can be transformed into the precious lei. A practice that continues on today just in less farcical ways, after all after every security loses value gold’s value only soars; ask Zimbabwe they know,theirs was definitely a tale to tell.

And the bible can’t be left behind although it bashes gold at times claiming gold and silver to not be up to par with the treasures of heaven notably, at least for me the most gold speckled verse and no I have not read the whole bible is

Job 23:10

But he knows the way that I take, when he has tried me, I shall come out as gold

I actually like Job quite a bit his story with a few amendments whether it’s the devil or some other struggle resemble a lot of many people’s stories

So just what is the obsession with gold and the grandiose?

I have lived quite golden a life up till now, at least as far as silence goes, I have lived the existence of a mouse but after reading Timothy Cornigrave’s Holding the man I almost want to live my life out loud, as though I was screaming my very actions.

Because credence to the first line I do know that silence is golden but it can be blue but then again I do love a silent giant even those that we know not of, say for example those who have saved us from the horrors we will never know, sometimes they having done it unknowingly themselves.

I guess I will keep practicing my own alchemy of quietening or will i?

Stay Golden!


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