the gloss

“As all things fade and pass away,

So Fortune’s favors will not stay;

And though once she gave me all,

Now she will not heed my call.

For ages at thy feet I’ve lain,

Stern fortune, hoping, but in vain;

What happiness for me, what bliss

If my was should be turned to is.


I wish no other prize or glory,

No other victory or palm,

But to regain once more the calm

Where lack disturbs my memory;

If thou wilt give me back thy boon,

My restless craving will be spent,

The more, if thou w be ilt give it soon,

For then I’ll rest and be content

Without the hope of what shall be.


Like a fool I call upon the past,

And beg it to return in vain:

No power on earth can call back Time,

For it will never come again.

It races on with nimble wing;

And he is wrong who hopes to bring

By his cries all the past again,

Or that the time should come again.


To live in such perplexity,

Forever poised ‘twixt hope and fear,

Is not life; better death in verity;

If by this way I could get clear

Of all my woes, then this were bliss;

But reason whispers in my ear

Of what hereafter is to be.”





Don Quixote(Translated by Walter Starkie)



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