sacrosanct, ceaseless wonder,

forever bereft of death,

infinity & timelessness you are…


4 thoughts on “amaranth

    1. ah thank you for that clarification what i meant was that its etymological meaning is greek a(not) +marainean(to waste away) and it was thought to be a plant that grew on Mount Olypmus and never faded that’s what i was aiming at with the ‘bereft of death’ thing.
      Also the ancient Azrecs apparently used to mix it with blood and consume it during some religious festivals which was then outlawed by the spanish conquistadors but it survived on as a candy that Mexicans eat called alegria (happiness) from that too i felt a ‘ bereft of death’ kind of feel.
      It is quite beautiful itself (the flower) and i guess from an agricultural standpoint its really not that bad then all that culture around it i mean if that doesn’t get you going about a plant what will right.
      Thanks for the visit and the comment.

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