Quote unquote

A mathematician learns more and more about less and
less, until he knows everything about nothing; whereas a
philosopher learns less and less about more and more,
until he knows nothing about everything




9 thoughts on “Quote unquote

    1. i know most physicists require mad math skills and at times even start off as mathematicians(because physics really is one of the ways to really realize math’s potential) but i’m not sure that in their line of work they do that much philosophy, that is usually very much on the side and happens because of the persons themselves like Einstein for example was interested in philosophy but not necessarily as a result of his work and deep interest in physics, it seemed to me that it was because of his personality .
      Plus i really don’t think physics really bridges the gap between the two in fact i’d say that in the venn diagram of these disciplines the physics circle is within the math circle that is within the philosophy circle.
      But i could be wrong , please feel free to correct me.
      thanks for visiting and commenting.

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      1. Strongly disagree that math and physics are in the philosophy circle. One of the things that irked me when I studied philosophy, was that my professors didn’t now sh** about math or physics. They really didn’t know anything about anything. Philosophy should always be about something. Otherwise it’s just blah. Physics generate a lot of philosophical questions. Remember: it was the way philosophy started in Greece. 🙂


      2. stop limiting your opinion about philosophy to your professors there is a whole world out there. And ok let me explain why i said that its because of my definition of philosophy which you dont have to agree with, i think a philosopher is one who is obsessed about truths of all things and according to me math and physics are disciplines that study certain truths right. So i thought then by default a mathematician and physicist is a kind of philosopher and actually i ammend my venn diagram physics isnt wholly in the math circle there are some parts of the physical universe studied in physics that require little or no reference to math so yuh i hope that clears up the confusion. But if your definition of philosophy differs from mine then i don’t think we’ll ever agree and that’s ok

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  1. I in a sense put physics, math’s and philosophy, into one hat! So the point you are making/have mad, I can see. A’s usual you summon a good topic to the table”!
    Thanks for reading my poems.
    Best wishes.

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