Of the intimacy, what I have come to learn.

I’m not quite sure if I speak for the majority or not but it has really always perturbed me and for a long time if I may say so why it is we give honour to people who do things well, I mean exceptionally well so well they cause the rest of us to swell up in anger a.k.a bitter envy.
For sure when someone does something well that’s out of their comfort zone that is commendable but these Einsteins, Taos, Newtons and what nots , why should they get any credit? Why must we reward someone for being themself , isn’t that easy?
The rest of us are ourselves every day as well why don’t we get rewarded?
And I think this very question is what revealed the answer to me. Being yourself, a mastery of living your own life as it is , as it was always meant to be is possibly one of the hardest things there is out there, in fact the alternative, the choice to be a puppet in someone else’s world is really as easy as it gets.
And to further console ourselves, we always isolate these people by formulating terms like ‘genius’ or ‘exceptional’ or ‘special’ or ‘magical’ and going further to idolize them and live in their world . But really if you think about it there is nothing any more special about them more than the ‘common’ me and you.
I mean sure they have a disposition to do what they excel at but that’s really just 2% (I think) of it they have to hone it time and time again and that is always a thing of courage and probably so do you if you only gave your passion the time or day.
First and foremost they are brave enough to find out what they are good at which most of us at times give up on or for a second but let’s say for a second the thing that they are good at just happened upon them without much effort from them but still they are bold enough to chase the thing that allures them and mold it into their being.
They are able to unleash their intimacy into the visible world, bare their souls for all to witness its majesty which in itself is quite frankly a thing of magic. In this instance when I speak of the intimacy I attribute to this term the meaning of ‘the inner-person who could be.’
What I mean to say is that everyone has an intimacy and this is not their life force in fact if I may say so it is their ‘unique value force’, the potency of the being they could be given only their extremely unique circumstances. For me and again I do not know how many I speak for this is a terrifying facet of my being’s makeup, it’s a part of me I try to avoid as much as possible because it’s quite intense ,like a marriage to self with all the pressure that comes with it.
Now I am not entirely sure if this ‘intimacy’ is a matter of our creation/manipulation or if it as a matter of discovery, that which always was, always will be, and always is but shall be unseen until revelation, but of its silent existence now that I am fairly certain of.
And this is why we admire these remarkable geniuses because of their ability and constancy in the pursuit of their intimacy because now we too can see these otherwise hidden persons and yet there is still more to come. This courage to pull the rug from within yourself and view the truth of your self combined with the constant tugging and pulling to keep the ‘self’ open to yourself, like say hacking yourself is what is so remarkable about them, such an alien concept to the rest of us despite its obvious rationale and necessity for happiness especially.
And I think the main cause of Acedia, particularly self-loathing and envy of these persons is usually contingent if you lose interest in unlocking yourself because the truth is that it is normal to want to find one’s unique purpose, some may call it ‘vocation’ or ‘hearing the calling’ wherever from but the alternative is Pandora’s box which incidentally is also an available choice that has in fact been chosen many at times.
And maybe the beatings the world dishes out to each and every one of us daily are the catalysts for this horrible decision but we can really always just be brave and go for it, Can’t we?
That never seemed to stop anyone before so why should it now?
And it made me stop to think that if humans really are two-tier with a known part that is to discover the unknown part what richness of being we have, and what a disservice it is that some of us hardly ever focus on the ‘other one’ hopefully not a Hyde-Jekyll situation, what a social outrage that is. Although the irony is that though the unleashing of these ‘persons’ would add the much needed vibrance to our social landscape it is this very landscape that generally prompts to the neglect of these ‘persons’ with its unnecessary idolization, trends, faux pas, must haves and other puppeteers thence leading to the indefinite imprisonment of these unusual beauties.
The what if this phenomenon offers is especially unsettling.


6 thoughts on “Of the intimacy, what I have come to learn.

  1. I have taken on board what you have said in this rather truthful piece and feel that a person must respect and appreciate their own capabilities. Realising that other’s get praised and sitting wanting to get praised just leads to the kind of anger, jealousy, and other things you speak of!
    Needless to say if anyone want’s to dispute what you have said I think they should read again because that is what the human race is made of.
    Another thing that came to mind is that the reason some may be classified a genius is because the person carrying around the heavy heart never thought of or looked at the item, situation, etc. . . ., in the same way as the other person!
    I hope I’m making sense here as I am struggling since this brain tumour and even my daughter has told me it is now noticeable. However, I often think this way but oddly enough I bear none no grudge!
    I always like when you write and it protrudes as something you just had to get out in the open, but I’m inclined to agree with the points you have made.
    Humans, strange if I may say so!
    Thank you for liking my poem.
    Best wishes!

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    1. THANK YOU so much RR although i am terribly sorry about the tumour, i really do hope that you get well.
      As for the poem it was too striking for me not to comment.
      Thank you for commenting on this piece i truly really needed to get it out , many many thanks for your renewed support.
      Best wishes,


  2. Strong text. I agree with much of it. I read a couple of biographies of the likes of Einstein and Oppenheimer, and it’s true a lot of what they are is just ‘being what they are’, so there’s a certain simplicity there, not unlike what drives mountaineers. It’s a passion that I would characterize by the Nike slogan: just do it. 🙂 At the same time, there’s other stuff. These people are very gifted, so genetics do play a role. And their social environment pushed them from an early stage onwards. And their environment allowed me to not have to think too much about how they would feed their family at the end of the day. Some people have a lot more constraints. In life, it’s all about how one deals with those constraints, or so I think. FWIW.

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    1. thank you for the visit, and yes i do agree with you genetics and the social environment have a role to play in the making of great ones everything has to be seasoned just right like everything in life but what you do with the spices is always entirely up to you.


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