dearest telescope…

Haven’t we signed the night sky with our lenses,

ascribed each memory a constellation,

to each star a feeling,

this ceiling of the earth,

bearing the scratches on our heart,

visions of our future,

locked in galaxies unseen.

Light years away from our sight,

yet clear as day if we imagined,

but tonight let’s gaze,

graze at the beautiful fodder the universe provides,

twinkling with every blink,

fixating with each flash,

let our eyes feast at the night’s wonder.


11 thoughts on “dearest telescope…

  1. “Let our eyes feast at the nights wonder”!
    I often drft into thinking of stars moon and sun.
    This I like very much.
    Thank you for liking “When love fades”!
    Best wishes.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. it certainly is a feast for the eyes, always amazes me that what we see is light years old and may not even be there anymore!! the mysteries of the universe, very “enlightening” Much peace and love, Michelle

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