Recognition vis-à-vis contribution

Sometimes the world can be enormous and at any one particular point there is always someone on top of it and many times in fact throughout the course of my life that person is seldom me. And quite frankly as a society we have lost the ability to even celebrate others’ success because of the competitive structure the world has adopted.
It’s hard for some of us to even thing of true collaboration without the underlying motives of sabotage which as I often say is truly tragic because human cooperation is undeniably one of the most resilient forces in the universe.
Life is competitive but never a competition sure there is always a race but not with each other rather with ourselves just beside each other, actually others should help me win the race against myself.
I have always been quite amused, lightly obsessed, with the Nobel prizes and recently I sought to truly unearth its history. Turns out it really does live up to its anagram and was the culmination of very noble objectives.
And out of all Alfred Nobel’s achievements some of which are the invention of dynamite and ballistite, running of a major armaments factory and successful business investment in Azerbaijan not to forget his other 353 inventions that literally turned him into a minter of money. His setup of the Nobel prizes by bequeathing 94% of his wealth to the now Nobel foundation for the running of the great institution of recognition was the one he will forever be venerated for.
And even though it is all about recognizing those of us who confer the ‘greatest benefit to human kind’ it really is just passing a message to all of us that we should try our best to serve humanity. We must contribute authentically then be recognized in that order. Even as I write this post there is always the insecurity that it may never be read, as I try a math problem there’s always the fear that it won’t matter because thousands have done it before me but the truth is, if you honestly contribute an honest gift of self it will always matter. Recognition is just the icing on the cake, it’s not even the main ingredient, however it came to control everything is truly a regrettable shift in priorities.
Many despair and become depressed because of the fear of uselessness which actually doesn’t exist and others have resulted to pretense if only to be recognised which is by far an even worse outcome as you lose the true self. And though this is a simple and familiar lesson, it’s very easy to unlearn it and fall down the abyss of self- pity, which is not a good place to be, it actually has the worst décor from my last time there.
Be yourself and rise to the top of your world because it really is your world for the taking. Even he, Nobel, wanted his legacy not to be of the recognition of the singular feats as an engineer, successive business man or inventor rather he wanted his dying memory to be that of contributing to helping others unlock their own contribution and for him it took a mistaken obituary in a French Newspaper naming him the merchant of death to shake him up and urge him to contribute what will it take for you to do the same?


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