This movie brings to mind the words wholesome and holistic.I mean the music was really easy on the ears, and the wild guitar skills  literally blew me away.

Not to forget the story line that for me was so raw and real, evolving oh so naturally.The objects of the plot are so familiar and pleasant to watch not at all like the typical Hollywood movies that sacrifice realities for fantasy.There is no escape to utopia in this one its very earth-bound but don’t worry you can definitely handle the terrain.The main actors are battling some demons and struggle through this individually side by side and  though there isn’t much of suspense the unfolding of events is impeccably subtle and real, a quality i very much appreciate. The perspective taken up is very edible and hopeful for the downtrodden, this was a really beautiful surprise from a movie i didn’t expect too much from, i definitely got more than i expected.

I cannot stress enough how good the music on this one is, in fact if the soundtrack was up i’d much rather prefer to put up their music bit by bit on ‘the chord that struck.’Watch out for the explosive talents of Ben Barnes, Katherine Heigl and the Stay All Night Rounders and the really great renditions of some favorite country classics.

I don’t know if its a coincidence that the names of the two main stars joined together form the name of musical icon Jackie Ryan oh well for those in the know its like a pleasant pun or anagram.

PS/ Ensure you watch the movie till the end, some of the greatest songs are found as the credits are rolling and i don’t kid when i say some of the greatest songs.


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