that science is perfect, is it really?

Probably, definitely, right?

I actually don’t think so. And no I’m not a religious nut or a mole who hasn’t seen the way and progress of science.

I just have this demonic spirit of Thomas in me. And yes you are correct if you guessed the biblical Thomas, the eternal skeptic. Of late I have noticed that the magic words to convincing anyone of anything is saying either the words, ‘scientists have found’ or ‘a study has found’ and immediately the discussion stops. After all the scientists and studies have spoken_ because they are so infallible?

Science is great of course in fact I’d rather like to refer to myself as one of these very scientists and this is why I of all people must call science out on this. How many times have test tubes been mislabeled, statistics incorrectly estimated or equipment has gone bust, and these are just instances of accidental mistakes. What about when an agenda is attached? I have watched so many scientists fall in love with ideas and concepts that they engineer the experiments to accommodate their expectations, an area they are acutely skilled if i might I add.

When was the last time you actually heard of a new break-through in the scientific arena and read the said study and went to great lengths to demonstrate its truths yourself?

Most of the insurgents of scientific beliefs have slammed tradition and religion for its lack of cross-examination yet this is exactly what science has come to.

Scientists have become prophets and the practice has become a religion with dogmas of its own. This is just to call attention to the fact that science is nothing without us, humans, the most important ingredient for the scientific sauce and we are far from perfect to say the very least then why has science become so perfect a craft? Above all scrutiny, true scrutiny.

In fact there isn’t at all anything wrong with traditions or religion if not the humanistic aspect, we are the ones who misconstrue truth and fantasy and imprison ourselves in the pride of our misconception. So why aren’t we ready to confront science and all its proclamations with the same hostility that we accord tradition and religions? And I know at that the rate at which people are writing publications and papers that simply isn’t practical but I think it is something we’d rather die trying to do than resign to.

I recently watched a talk by the National Science Foundation and why they have devoted a considerable number of resources to encourage science literacy so that we stop relying on these ‘experts’ who at an instant can manipulate the entirety of certain fields of scientific thought. Let us have some ownership for the truths we choose to perpetuate an ownership that can only ever be achieved by constant skepticism of them. Someone wise once said truth welcomes doubt if at all it is true and I am inclined to believe this, hesitation must not factor when it comes to clarification.

I have watched too many videos, lost too many arguments to people deriving their subject matter from studies, experimental trials and scientists with this ‘untouchable’ authority then go ahead to make these absurd correlations that may or may not even truly exist. And I think that is the true tragedy here loss of curiosity which is actually perpendicular to the true scientific spirit that encourages check-points and further research even on research itself.

Take up the challenge and own your scientific truths.


5 thoughts on “that science is perfect, is it really?

  1. I am thoroughly glad reading this. You have spoken my mind to a great degree. And no, I am not a religious nut too!
    I find that I often feel the need to slow down my scientist colleagues when I see they are starting to sound proud -and wrongly so too.
    Of course, the reasons for this are many, including the natural pride man gets when he wields (at least some degree of) knowledge and the angry desire of scientists to throw down the religionists in debates (i.e., the scientist just wants to totally discredit the religionists and hence over-blows and twists science).

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    1. I have been waiting for this remark, its unfortunate that knowledge can blind us with pride rather than enlighten us with humility.All truths have their place and purpose and whichever side you stand you must fundamentally understand that if at all you are ever to unlock any enigma.
      thank you so much for visiting and reading, i am so humbled.


  2. This is exactly my concern when I read bold statements from people like Harris that “science can help solve moral issues”. This gives the scientists the status of high priests who instead of the “divine authority” appeal to their “experimental results” to claim the ultimate knowledge of good and evil. It’s also amazing how many people who call themselves “rational” fall for this nonsense.

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    1. the clarity that science offers has attached to it the dreadful malady of pride and overconfidence. I’ve seen many scientists fall into this trap, the philosopher’s role has been denounced yet its the only one with the tools to cut through the murky undergrowth of morality and the person.


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