Weaved bags,

Receptacles of delights,

Sweetened aromas,

Bustling women all about,

Scouts for pristine freshness,

Wrapped babies, shoulders high,

The routine barter underway,

The exchange of ancient recipes,

In the cryptic code of the market,

The outdoors kitchen,

Sage wisdom of the vegetables,

Culinary intelligence from the potatoes,

Beside me in this phantasmagoria,

as the mama mboga,

tugs at me, peeling away my petals.



5 thoughts on “through the eyes of the cabbage

    1. I’m so humbled, thank you for the comment.I was at the market and got fixated at the beautiful cabbage and wondered what it must be like to be around that scene, plus the cabbage really does look like an eye.
      I am glad you felt transported by the imagery, that was definitely the plan.


  1. What a journey this particular cabbage has made, I too love cabbage and you have wonderfully went from the grocery bag to the kitchen pot. Love it. Now you made me hungry 🙂 think I might have to go out and get some cabbage.

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