permission to speak freely

Recently I watched a documentary on Edwardian times, the manners and opinions of that era and even its profound impact of this particular part of British history on modern-day Britain and the rest of the world really.
What stuck out to me obviously was the meaning of the term ‘woman’ what she was, what was expected of her and how she was to go about her affairs be it decorum, marriage, family you name it.
The interesting thing about it was that the kind of woman that was generally referred to was the aristocrat. And yet the chains clanked just as loud as for any other woman.
She was to marry well which threw out most hopes of choosing a partner out of love, her reputation was her gilded shield and would forever protect her from shame but of course human nature was very present even then and so you would see women rushing up and down to cover up their dirty linen.
Raising children as their siblings, vacationing in distant lands for 9 months, rendezvousing carefully and in the dingiest parts of town risking life and limb if only to not be cited and be branded she who lost control of her passions and forgot inhibitions. But also the times were changing ushering in new customs, new money and new traditions.
Thus it was made all the more necessary for the aristocrats to hold fast and steady to the olden traditions practicing them with even more fervor than before, which suffocated women especially.
Definitely the history lesson in all that was quite an education for me but I also observed a common denominator in it and my African culture, some Arabic culture and even some Asian cultures. Notice that I am quite literally now talking about totally distant societies that developed to some degree autonomously and yet they all had the common denominator of the mistreatment of women some of which continues on even up till now.
The issue of feminism is definitely not an original one or even a particularly new one, the suffragettes have had their go, so have black women, so have the Arabic women and the struggle continues.
My qualm is why did this kind of unfair system though clearly prescribed differently manage to develop almost everywhere?Its origin is unsettling.
A woman was to be a slave, to cater but not be catered was at times a miracle act if a woman was loved at all in any part of her life whether it be as a daughter, as a wife or even as a mother. Where and why does this resentment for women stem?
Even in religion let me speak of the Bible for that is what I am familiar with, mention of women is few and far apart. I am sure that women too were just as chosen, as brave, eloquent as the men then why weren’t they referred to as much? Even a female prostitute would attract more rebuke as compared to her probably respectable married male consort.
While standing in front of the facts that have burdened some of us for oh so long its astonishing to discover that this kind of inhumanity is naturally occurring in the mean of man.
I have always been devoted to following observations and the correlations they proclaim to wherever they may lead me but it is times like these that the lands they lead me to are stranger and more shocking than anything i had envisioned.
I had always hoped for the world’s sake maybe even humanity’s sake to attribute women’s suffering to a singular demonic person who lived and managed to sway each everyone’s will to bend to his. But to discover that the demoniac quality of desecrating another’s dignity for this long was always a quality we possessed a rite that must be passed that is truly discouraging for the hope of our species and whatever other dark qualities lurk within all of us, not as a matter of choice but simply as a matter of fact.


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