Ever since I met you,

I have suddenly learnt to pacify my language,

The derelict diction tossed aside,

A becoming tongue of the body has emerged,

Surreptitiously it has communed with you,

Every word I have sought to expedite your care,

Dripping carefully and steadily from my lips,

Not ev’n a drop out of place,

I have discovered a spring within me,

Seeped into all of my letters,

Staining all of our literature,

Forgive this sensation for it does not cease,

And shall not relent,

You see, the predicament is that,

At long last my tap has opened,

Of a deadly drought I have been freed,

And the torrents are upon you,

Though you may feel it a storm,

For when it rains it pours

I only hope you shan’t shelter yourself,

And urge me to restrain my water.


2 thoughts on “here comes the rain…

  1. No restraint let us feel the storm you have to offer. Let it flow. Very nice work here and I love the vision it gave me. Thanks for sharing.


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