truth aspirin

Philosophy like mathematics is not created rather it is only discovered, Ingenuity and novel features only arise in the field when creating efficient methods of which the truths can be apprehended such as analogy and syllogism.Once the mind manipulates the objective truth it is no longer philosophy but at best, a beautiful mind’s lie or just denial of truth as it is.

Thus there can be no new philosophy or personal philosophy, these are terms that are meaningless only newly discovered philosophy because philosophy can exist outside of your mind’s comprehension


2 thoughts on “truth aspirin

  1. You are right about philosophy being “discovered” but I consider that just as the meaning of philosophy is lover of wisdom, so from the relative point of view of every individual, wisdom is a personal and unique discovery. What exists outside of the mind of the individual is knowledge, wisdom is the daughter of experience, which can only be obtained on a personal level of experience and deed.

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    1. Preach!
      And so it is, wisdom though bearing the same facts varies in method of being relayed as it is conceived in an infinite number of ways.
      Then it can indeed be personal in manner of conception but i meant that there is no personal philosophy that applies to only one person.
      Thank you for that addition, i honestly couldn’t have said it better myself.

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