Oh Glory!

the movement is a rhythm to us,

freedom is like religion to us,

justice is juxtaposition in us

resistance is us

when we go down,

we woman and man up,

they say stand down,

and then we stand up,

King pointed to the mountain,

and then we ran up

Selma is now,

 for every woman,man and child,


they marched with the torch,

we gonna run with it now,

welcome to the story we call victory,

the coming of the Lord,

My eyes have seen the glory.

My soul bleeds when i watch these racially charged movies and songs and the pearls of hope and valiance mostly because being an African myself  the Black- Americans are part of my extended international family.And we can all agree when family suffers, we too suffer in turn .

It pains my heart to see my family suffer but suffering hasn’t been given as much credit as it is worth, because only through suffering can we transcend , so we need our struggle and our pain and our suffering because diamonds are forged under great pressure.

For sure the pain will not cease not now and probably not ever but that doesn’t mean we are losers because sometimes pain and suffering and quite possibly even death, in a righteous state is the real trophy in guise.

This is truly the story they call victory.


be sure to purge (thoughts,ideas,complaints) if at all you feel the nudge

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