the chord that struck


these are the memories of a wallflower,

if only she could reach for a new hand,

a new dance,

a new man,

she waits for you,

she waits for you,

they say that silence is golden,

but she knows it can be blue,

the well of a story is as dry,

and there’s just no getting through to you.



2 thoughts on “the chord that struck

  1. Hey! Your blog is really cool so I nominated you for the “if you are a quote lover challenge” 🙂 check it out on my blog, all you have to is say who nominated you, post a quote everyday for three consecutive days, and nominate someone else each day. Don’t feel you have to do it but I think you’d be great! Love, Em

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Em, i most definitely accept the challenge, i’ll get on it right away.
      Please could you send me a link to that particular blog post of yours where i can find out about the challenge.
      Thanks a bunch for visiting, reading and commenting.


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