It just dawned on me the frightening potency of beauty whence I held a baby in my arms and soon enough I realized it in every time I partook to resplendent beauty. I hadn’t excised the feeling before from my experience but once I dissected it I was astonished to find that it was the source of my cowardice a trait in myself I have always found quite distasteful to say the very least.
The thing is perception of beauty of any kind is very similar to comprehension of a poem, there is a surface meaning and there is the more disturbing deeper meaning. Just like beauty for example when you hold your beautiful baby girl for sure she is immaculate, pure and all that can be attributed to such angels but also in that moment you see her potency, the possible evil or good paths she can take, the amazing and horrific times that are to come for her, the bad choices and great decisions she is to make, and suddenly you are juxtaposed between what was mere splendor to the obligation that rests on you to actualize this great present beauty you see in the best manner possible because now you are involved.
Or when you stand at the altar and are about to vow to the love of your life, it is always a site to be seen but as the couple are in that moment the beauty portends all manner of things for them. You see each other bare, you see all the faults you are to discover in the coming days, the nirvana you are to enter, the responsibility you have to maintain and use each other well so as to keep the flame of this beauty alive. It ceases to be just a wedding ceremony it transforms into the declaration of a lifetime with as much gravity as earthly actions can ever promise.
It is this revelation that frightens me so, jolts me at the very thought of it. But like in everything there is a choice to run from the church or to drop the baby at an orphanage or to marry and give it the best you have, to raise the girl and see how it all pans out.
Most of us have become so frightened of the deeper perception of beauty that we no longer even perceive it that deeply anymore, for us handsome people are just like beautiful pictures on a wall, because seeing them for what they really are is frightening and understandably so ,because as they say heavy is the head that wears the crown. To deserve the crown of beauty you must be valiant for where there is beauty, there is always a war ahead and you must be prepared to win it or to lose it entirely even before you begin.


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