Descartes: You see it was as if I saw two visions, side by side, the first was a vision of these beautiful palaces, such as your own moral philosophy, Socrates, sitting on sand, or even clouds rather than on solid ground; and the second was a vision of one truly solid and immovable foundation, mathematical reasoning, like an immense slab of rock on which only a few sheds had been built. The invitation to combine these two pictures was irresistible: to move the old palaces onto the new foundation or to say the same thing differently to move the new foundation over to the old palaces.

Socrates meets Descartes
Peter Kreeft


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    1. i think it might be a combination of the two, if you are amused by Descartes, his mathematics and his book ‘discours de la methode’, this will be a delicious treat.It definitely is for me.
      And the perspective from which it is written whereby Descartes meets Socrates after death and explains his book through the socratic method of questioning, hilariously creative.

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