Are consequences for our actions truly what we deserve?

Having read about the anatomy of psychopathy and all the grim mutations it evokes in everyone in its path. I have certainly come to wonder, better yet doubt the efficiency of the natural karma system.
The rule is that with each free choice taken comes a consequent effect and to this rule there is no exception, none who is pardoned or elusive of it. For one who is about achieving a palaver- free social situation this is most certainly the true antidote to all that threatens the good of all.
For the better part of my life I have had much more belief and conviction in the working of this natural regulation tool for human behavior more than any other judicial system ever devised to this date, but then again I haven’t studied all of the systems in the world now have i?
And yet I still have an inkling that even those that I haven’t studied are mere morsels reminiscent of the true natural muscle of this system only that they operate with much less efficiency in comparison.
And now that we have established that the system is indeed the best of the best, top notch but is it really efficient? In its supra-purpose if I may say.
According to me, this system’s very goal is to un-train bad decisions because their bad consequences should deter you from going back to that wrong place. But the bad consequences themselves birth consequences that in turn do the very opposite. They encourage proliferation in the bad behavior especially following the logic that now that you have been dauntless in the horrible consequences that followed your ill deeds, you are invincible.
For example in the case of a death penalty for a psychopathic killer, for sure this very act is to deter many others from choosing this path the only problem is these others weren’t the intended students of this lesson. It was the other psychopaths who instead were supposed to un-learn their malevolent ways or at the very least suppress them.
But when they see an execution of their own all they learn is to be more careful, more prudent and intelligent in their manner of operation. And you can imagine that this is a case where the one bearing the consequence does not even get to learn from it. But hypothetically let’s say there was a way they could learn from it, they who bear the consequence, it would still be a net loss because you can imagine having saved one deranged man only to incite a hundred more.
Herein lays my question, though the punishment fit the crime was it at all progressive? After all we cannot just seek to punish for punishment’s sake, without the rehabilitation aspect being triumphant the punishment is as crude and retrogressive as the crime that evoked it in the first case.
But forget all of that death penalty stuff, even in our own lives we get so hung up on punishing people, for their wrong actions be it punishing our children for disobedience, punishing our partners and friends for their neglect even punishing ourselves mentally when we fall short treading carefully in the footsteps of this natural karma system. Question is, is it at all necessary or relevant?
But then again I do know the very important role punishment plays after all we can live free knowing that we are untouchable that will return us to our previous state of utter entropy. But indulge me for a moment and let me analogize our lives good and bad choices into a spread sheet for every good we do we get a positive consequent that possibly yields even more positives and vice versa. How do you think our cost-benefit analysis will fare, overall will we better off now that we have paid for our sins so to say or worse still in a revolving in a circular kind of evil whereby we are trapped by each punishment to repeat our mistakes and forever remain a punished breed?


6 thoughts on “Are consequences for our actions truly what we deserve?

  1. I think it depends on what we see as the purpose of punishment. Is it to teach that a behaviour/action is wrong, or to make someone experience hurt/lack of freedom/shame? It also depends on what the punishment is – is it physical, does it take our time, how does it limit us? I don’t know if we need punishments to learn about right and wrong – but I think we do need experiences and examples to guide us, although even then we might not be guided into making the right choices – there is always choice. But maybe we can choose to look for and focus on positive ways to learn through experience and example, rather than negative ones that bring up fear, pain, anger etc. Maybe that’s how we can break cycles of negativity? I think a focus on active rehabilitation rather than natural punishment (karma) or active punishment (limiting freedoms or taking out negative feelings on others) is what is needed, when it comes to how an individual reacts to others. And when looking at self, perhaps trying to learn the lessons and focus on how to move on positively can break a cycle of negative cause and effect. I think there has to be an active force, pressure from both outside and within, to break free from that loop and create a positive one.

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    1. i totally agree Bumble bee,your introduction of the ‘choice’ factor has totally enlightened the entire practicality of it all.For sure no matter what you do to help people choose wisely they can always go the other way around and choose the wrong thing.
      The use of more positive ways of active rehabilitation would most certainly increase the odds of people choosing right which is really the best that can be done or aspired to if you think about it.
      And for sure you can choose to get out of the entrapment of the cycle of wrong choices and punishment after all it all depends on whether or not you want to get out of it once you’re in.
      Thank you so much BB for stopping by and commenting.Your commentary has added much value to my query and is much appreciated.

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  2. Punishment fitting the crime is what generally falls from peoples mouths and whilst I’m not sure anymore given theday and age we live in, it strikes me that some of us are gluttons for punishment or just don’t know even have the willpower to leave behind their troubled side!
    I say this after working with abused women who after being rescued walk back into the arms of the abusers and will tell you they don’t want to be alone, the person loves them really, or they are scared!
    With that what point is there in punishing the perpetrator when they will get the chance to double the damage.
    These type of perpetrators laugh in the face of the judicial system.
    With reference to children and punishment, depending on how one goes about it, effectively it can help depending on the situation and child.
    I know I’ve strayed into unchartered waters but I’ve tried to explain my view as best as possible!
    I like the issues you raise and this is no exception.
    Best wishes.

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    1. Actually i like the digress and I’ve seen that need for punishment in many a situations ,even those who remain in poor living conditions willingly be it mental or otherwise according to me are punishment gluts.And in that case the people who torment them win anyway. This kind of behavior renders the tool of punishment utterly useless and ineffective but i think in that particular situation the punishment gluts need to be educated on their self-worth so that they do not return to the ways of self-mutilation.
      On children and punishment which is a sore spot for many people i do like your general answer of ‘it depends.’Which in all its generality is as accurate an answer as you will ever get because parenting is indeed an art, no one particular method suffices,no constant principles as the circumstances are always different and no object as no two children are the same.One just has to trust in their ability to correct their child accordingly and take the leap, ask for help where you can but replicating a certain ‘method’ is never the way to go.
      Thank you so much for commenting.Best wishes to you too RS.


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