If ever you wanted to travel…


If you ever wanted to optically conquer the seven seas,
scope its surface from the world war submarines,
see the waters from the ancient merchants’ dhows,
bow to the prescribed destinations of the winds,
horrify at the tips of icebergs with the Titanic’s captain,

If ever you fancied yourself inebriated with culture,
gaze into the beauty of Nefertiti herself,
gawk at the macabre of Kahlo,
stroke the very handiwork of catalan Gaudi,
transfix at the famous smirk of the Monalisa.

If ever you wanted to build castles in the air,
sailing by airship and flying machines,
climb up beanstalks to heavenly gardens
understand the avian engineering,
that renders the bird its much coveted freedom,
And brainstorm with the Wrights.

All you need is to travel by page,
paddle through the meandering chapters,
circumnavigate the history and evolving culture,
time travel by the written word,
be ferried back and forth,
not having twitched a muscle,
acquiring the mental nautical miles instead.


be sure to purge (thoughts,ideas,complaints) if at all you feel the nudge

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