The greatest thoughts I ever had

amazing by one of the greatest poets i’ve ever read both in technique and in heart

Homo est Machina


The greatest thoughts I ever had
were the ones I never clad
in shadows, gold, love or fad.
I never wore them, might I add.

The greatest soul I ever met
was the one I would forget.
I saw it only as a threat
to my wisdom, as of yet.

The greatest verse I ever wrote
was the one I couldn’t note.
It had no sense to denote,
it felt so strange and so remote.

The greatest story I ever heard
was the one without a word.
These silent gaps and lines so blurred,
so magnificent and so absurd.

The greatest books I ever read
were the ones from authors – dead.
I could not wrap around my head
what all their words had left unsaid.

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