the approach

In all my various professions those past and present and in all those that I have observed others partake I have come to conclude that there are but two ways to profess your profession. Either artistically or practically and these terms I use to refer to all manner of professions, by artistically I mean that you practice the profession only so as to bask in its elegance or beauty of it if you will, like doctors who are floored by the engineering of the body and just want to learn it and understand its intricate workings and hopefully discover understandings that are yet to be uncovered or a poet who writes just so as to parlay the language and diction into greater heights and dance along at the accomplished wordplay.
By practicality I mean practicing your profession solely to draw the utility from it for example a mathematician who is not just enthralled by the technique or the solution but who is interested in its application and what it can do for the world or the physicist who wants to understand the laws of nature and try to adapt their implications to inventions that can simplify the way in which we live. Of course each approach has its own underlying advantages and cons as well but which is the optimal choice or which combination of the two yields the optimal professionalism.
Personally I have mostly been a professional student and I have always been artistic in that profession because I revel in the sheer beauty of knowledge and my mastery of it but many at times that is all there is while in fact I could be implementing the suppositions from that very knowledge into bigger and better ideas. Though as a poet and philosopher I have been quite practical always being careful to read only that which has relevance and implementation for the current world. Same goes for my poetry it is always packed with a message a moral to the story not just a beautifully spun tale without a purpose.
But in all this I have had the lingering ‘what if’ pummel me relentlessly ,the opportunity cost of not choosing the other way has me at my wit’s end trying hard to uncover what is the optimal choice of approach?


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