happiness as a myth?

The entire idea of Eudemonia ironically is a topic that has perplexed and saddened me for as long as my faulty memory can recall. Personally the methods laid out by the various philosophers notably Aristotle on how to achieve this famed state are quite simplistic and easy to follow though I feel there are no guarantees or even proofs to ever getting there, like a race to the infinitely distant mark.
The troublesome conclusion that I have come to discover is that sadness is the average state of life,the only state to which we will remain consigned to regardless of whatever good deeds we partake.
I will use a mathematical analogy, for example a function that is continuous on all points of x may have a limit as it tends to infinity that is calculable using the various mathematical techniques. But generally even though the limit exists the function doesn’t actually ever get to it within the space of our graph we just abstract that it does eventually even though we cannot ascertain that by actually plotting it.
This is what I feel is the best explanation of life, happiness(the life we aspire to) being the limit in this case and life we live currently being the function below it therefore since it is not at happiness because all we can see is that at this point it just tends to it and that is during the actual pursuit of eudemonia. Therefore even as you try to get to happiness actively you are unhappy and because you never actually get there then you die unhappy.
In this I assume no middle or continuum when I speak of happiness for you are either happy or unhappy.
So why even try to get there? If you are sure that no matter how hard you try you will not get there anyway.


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