a sandy affair

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Ours was like the sands of time,

Genesis of which,

Reminiscent of the stealthily poured  lava of an explosive union ,

Scorching and permeating deeply into the bedrock,

Taking eras and epochs to fully crystallize,

The forged silica of a matured friendship,

Buried deep within the lithospheric corners of our hearts,

Concealed and revered for now and forever,

Resistant to all exfoliation outside,

Dauntless in the face of weathering,

Searing reflections in the view of the sweltering sun,

But forever close to each other,

Shackled together as the sea is to its shore,

And in every maritime region,

Traces of this marriage remains,

All you need is to saunter close to the sea,

Feel the beads on the beach,

Take a hold of your feet,

Re-tale you the fable of this ancient love,

Thus imprint it onto your print,

Indelibly signing your spirit.


be sure to purge (thoughts,ideas,complaints) if at all you feel the nudge

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