rights and abilities

My stand on abortion has always been quite firm and almost arrogant, so in the spirit of humility I finally did hear a reason for the act. A girl talked about it being her right to abort after all why would the ‘ultimate cause’ place her and only her in the position of ultimate control over this child if it wasn’t her right as she so clearly pointed out.
But really I do believe there is a fundamental confusion of the terms ability and right.

While all rights have the capacity for abilities not all abilities have the capacity for rights. Somewhat like the famous statement, all advocates are lawyers but not all lawyers are advocates.

A right is always something that you are able to do and once done it is good for one and good for all but an ability is just something you are able to do. So to say we therefore have rights and unrights,by unrights I mean crimes which are those things that we are able to do but are not good for anyone.
For this reason we have established justice and laws to even out the score. According to me nature is absolutely unfair just because, for example men on average die younger than women, men on average are stronger than women, women are the only ones capable of bringing forth a child or not despite the fact that the origin of these children is partly male, men generally have no say . So laws and justice are in fact the only tools we have to make life equitable.
Fetuses are subject to this inequality before birth because their existence depends wholly on some woman somewhere and for that reason regardless of how conceived or what birth implies for the mother life preservation is always our only choice, this is by far the only natural law that rings true for one and for all. And so the law comes in here and though it should be the unright of the mother to abort it awards the child the right to live and if and only if this law is applied then everybody benefits.
When the law begins to align itself with inequity then it loses its fundamental aspect of restoring equity it becomes an absolute contradiction and thus ceases to exist. And this very same law has to carry with it some force so that when the people elect the wrong choices (which they do from time to time) the system that has been laid doesn’t go bust.
And lastly when there is a motive to effectively stop human life I feel there is no speaking about such matters without using the word murder and I do doubt there is any logical argument for murder anywhere in the world.


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