For a while now I have marveled at the works, formulas and axioms laid out by the likes of Euler, Cantor, Ramanujan, Weibull, Archimedes, Plato and Aristotle you name it, some without even realizing it. The immaterialness of these sciences of physics, philosophy and most notably mathematics are my poison of choice.
The most frequented method used to uncover the laws and truths of these sciences is mostly induction whereby instead of using the observatory tool then concluding. The process begins with the conjuring of rational thought regarding a specific occurrence that is then tried and tested and if it holds the previously regarded hypothesis transcends to universal law or truth hopefully for eternity or some other universal will be realized effectively upending the era of the old truth.
My query has to do with those who ‘conjure up these ideas’ are they the creators of these axioms or are they just like geologists who after spending much time with the rocks, rocks in these cases being the concepts that are even if not known stumble upon these truths and transmit them to the rest of us.
Are they the fountains of creation for these truths that exist only by their command or are they just like Fleming accidentally bumping into treasure troves of knowledge hiding in plain sight? Truths that have their existence quite separate from their discoverers and whose revelation would come by whichever hand sooner or later.
The subject matter most of them deal with only serves to further spoil the broth for example mathematics and philosophy whose practicality is very observable but in their purest forms cannot belong to this corporeal world of ours. They belong to the world that Plato refers to as the ‘world of generals’ for they encompass the most perfect forms of their earthly instances, that which can only be grasped by the perfection of the mind. So I guess what I am really asking is whether these concepts exist naturally or not?
That appears to be a rather obvious question with an indefatigable yes for an answer but without us and even more importantly these scientists would they not lose all their utility for even if they exist if we who are the only ones who can comprehend them are not around to use them then do they really exist?
So are they our masters or are we theirs?

It is quite difficult to describe the exact role of these terribly intelligent persons, yet it is such a necessity for they did us and generations to come so much due diligence it’s time we repay them with their well-deserved reverence.


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