in memoriam

i am not from here,

neither am i from nearby,

my clan is farther,

even farther than the seven seas,

all i have to reminisce and remember,

of a  place unknown to me,

are these curly kinks colonizing my head,

this sooty hue plastered on my skin,

the protuberant nose forming my face,

these are my only heirlooms,

pearls and jewelry stashed in genetics,

the artifacts of my origin,

the only archaeology that is above ground,

that which i will gift to my kindred,

a secret transaction authorized by nature,

this morse code embedded in my intonation,

linguists discernible only to my ancestry,

jeer not,

fear not,

for you may not see let alone understand,

the mysticism before you,


i am not from here,

just but a representative memory,

of my genesis


10 thoughts on “in memoriam

  1. This is quite clever and articulated.. I assume you are of partial black ancestry? It is thought provoking and unapologetic about, being who you are.. And not feeling ashamed because you aren’t the ‘other’ in society!

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