cult or religion?

Everything exists by some faith, every single iota of knowledge or ideological constructs however grounded it may seem is the product of some unchecked belief. Belief is the term I would refer to that knowledge whose degree of certainty is under the necessary hundredth percentile to be regarded as knowledge of the highest level. And even in the aforementioned statements I have no absolute certitude.
This realization that nothing is entirely demonstrable threw me into an almost immediate panic, thus my consequent query then what is what it is without a need for this faith?
This being a maze that I will try best to decode for the rest of my remaining days on this earth. Despite that I found an even more pressing issue in the forms of knowledge that have faith as their major premise. Now to fully understand my concerns with ‘faith’ in general you must know that I have nothing against trust in things of which you are unsure but when pure faith is involved then that means there is no regulation whatsoever even partially of the trust such as a way to logical trace the underpinnings it purports or experimental affirmation.
This unbridled trust being the most common and persuasive psychedelic yet, it worries me immensely what we are buying into blindly and even if we know that we are buying it. If history is any indication faith especially ‘pure faith’ that involves no thought process whatsoever on the part of the believer is but the most important ingredient of the cultish element.
The cult, being the worst society according to me because it aims at ridiculous uniformity, effectively leading to the destruction of every freedom for originality or personal uniqueness .This suffocation of self presents opportunity for absurd reactions such as devout loyalty to misconceptions.
The thing is that this cultish element exists in every body of knowledge some in higher proportions than others even in science. However the more informant types of knowledge that inform many aspects of our very mode of existence such as religion are sadly the more afflicted bodies of knowledge with this ‘unbridled trust’ in the essentially unknowable. So how do you know that you are in fact in a religion and not a cult, after all most religions even those that have undoubtedly passed the test of time have at one time or more been regarded as cultish and cults emanating from religions are always in bloom.
There is no way of course in determining the definite proportion of the cultish element in any body of knowledge because that would require the existence of a fully self-contained body of knowledge complete in itself with no what ifs or unknowns to weigh against, which clearly doesn’t exist. For a cornerstone of the human person this gray area is definitely a point of much concern for me.
Perhaps this ‘unbridled trust’ is not as bad as it seems and maybe this philosophical trust fall is one that we must simply leap at, something we must gravitate towards just because. If that is so then why does it usually have such devastating consequences such as massacres, mass suicide pacts, induced depression when the process goes horribly wrong. I was just wondering…


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