man by nature desires to know as he desires to feed.

Tis’ only unfortunate that he seldom experiences the pangs of ignorance as he suffers the pangs of hunger.

Aristotle & Mortimer J Adler


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  1. Knowledge and the hunger to know more.. Reminds me of the fact that I’m reading Faust at the moment. He seems dissatisfied with life and the knowledge he previously acquired.. So he sells his soul.. Knowledge and need for more is dangerous!

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      1. I’m not sure that Faust is a special case.. So many people feel disillusioned with aspects of their life and swear to do something terrible to themselves or others, to snap out of their dull existence.. Its not exactly selling their souls to the devil, but its equally as bad.. The things people do for excitement, and think there are no consequences to.. Or make rogue deals that backfire!


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