harrowing,burrowing confessions


the faces of the earth are upon us,


oblivious to the bloody cuts,

of the sharp bladed swords of grass,

the tears of the sky,

sighs and moans of the wind,

on my skin and my bones,

but now i shall voice,

vocalize my apologies,

to the trees and the fields,

that they may rest upon the merciful ears of corn,

i will endeavour,

to savour the flavour of the flames,

from the tongues of fire,

as my repentance,

for i have finally winced and grimaced,

at the vile odour of my desecration,

of this hallowed terra firma


3 thoughts on “harrowing,burrowing confessions

    1. you’re too kind kneal…since earth day i’ve been thinking about writing a nature based poem, directed towards the earth directly and not using it as a metaphor.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it because it was an absolute pleasure to write it.

      Liked by 1 person

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