what is this divine sorcery,

this wild alchemy that summons all,

all of my demons and angels together at once,

brought dreadfully close,

the portrayal of a fatal kind of beauty,

riddled with mystical amulets,

talismans of the ancient,

past lives and past loves,

potions for the future,

concocted with a potent kind of chemistry,

stirred to a tantalizing perfection,

in the fiery cauldron of time,

elixirs and salves,

herbed with the natural spices of love,

and the cinnamon of humility,

to soothe and to massage,

for the pain and sorrow that the crystal portends,

this art has rendered me spell-bound,

entrapped and enchanted,

blessed with this wizardry wand of tongue,

my soul ever possessed,

with this bewitching prose of the grimoire,

my destiny is locked,

a fate chained to this coven,

despicably devoted,

to devour me whole.


be sure to purge (thoughts,ideas,complaints) if at all you feel the nudge

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