double entendre

For a week or so I have struggled with a familiar skirmish of poet’s block. Soon after I heard of the double entendre style of writing I have suffered acutely from the   Baader-Meinhof  Phenomenon and I’ve realized it’s application in most of the books I have read with the most elegant example being that of a production of a double entendre of moving pictures where a moving company transports pictures form one place to another in a movie being watched by spectators  .For this reason I have racked my brain for days to try and create a double entendre poem of my own and this has been the bittersweet struggle of my past month.

Here goes…


This game we play is simple enough,

To hunt ample game for supper,

Maybe a kangaroo or two in the bush,

Push the wooden words into their elliptical paths,

Returning empty back to their origin,

If unimpressed on no meat of any kind,

A simple indigenous game,

Remaining entirely the same,

For I who has thrown my tool countlessly into the outback,

Without a single bounty to show for it,

But only the scars of a relentlessly battered brow,

From the wooden mass of the accelerating poetry and stories,

Maybe I shall try to hunt tomorrow in the sea,

With a harpoon of aphorism,

Maybe then will I command some fish ,

From the ocean of readers,

And finally partake that much anticipated dinner.


If it is at all possible please share with me in the comment section or on your blog , a personal double entendre poem of your own. This is simply one of the most beautiful styles of writing anything really.


3 thoughts on “double entendre

    1. thank you so much itsvishakha ,i was so afraid it would not penetrate to its reader because honestly i got lost in the double meaning myself when i wrote it.I can’t said it enough so thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting, i really appreciate it

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