paint it pink

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Irish born photographer Richard Mosse has flipped another chapter on the art of documentary photography story-telling. His work is provoking and gives voice to the thousands of unheard genocide victims in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

As a Kenyan myself currently sowing the seeds with my countrymen of a tragic case of Islamic extremism turned murderous rampage, these pictures colors my heart with both the pink of  the tragedy and the hope that is yet to come. The voices of the stories untold and atrocities hidden in plain sight reverberate deeply and loudly in these pieces.

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The man paints a beautiful portrait of a lavishly endowed landscape riddled with the bullets of war, brutality and extremism. He infuses the much-needed awareness of a bitter genocide that has been Congo’s plague for years into resplendent art for all to see.

Photography is indeed the nerve ending that binds together the muscle of the world, telling us stories of lands and people unknown so vividly and majestically. This is just but one example of the profound symbolism that lies in the use of vivid color.


“enclosed  deep within the envelope of tragedy lies sweet sounds unheard and picturesque sights unseen desperately awaiting revelation.”


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