“the ad infinitum end that comes with writing remains the single-most alluring aspect of it for however much writing you have achieved already in both quantity and quality there is always so much more left to write,for although you are a writer you still strive to become one”


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  1. Writing is like breathing.!! ^_^
    I hope we get back to the age of writing down on papers and not on cell phones or laptop’s.
    I have a feeling, papers helps increase thought process. Correct me if I’m wrong!! 😀

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    1. no correction needed here, i totally agree.According to me the best posts, book and poems out there were handwritten originally.Although its tedious to write then type its totally worth it, there’s something so appealing about writing on paper just you the material , the pen and paper.Something about that clean slate that portends so much creativity and vision without the distractions of glaring screens or autocorrect (red and green zigzag lines) all over.My first memory of written work were school compositions and letters i wrote to my grandparents and honestly for me those were the days.

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